BATTLE FOR SEVASTOPOL International Trailer (2015)

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Will words have the capacity to change the course of war ?
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The breakout of the war shatters the world of a young student, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, forcing her to enlist in the army in 1941. The maiden turns out to be a natural-born sniper, her impressive skill and prowess make her stand out among men and women alike. Seeing Pavlichenko as a tangible threat, the German High Command gives orders to eliminate the girl whatever the cost...

BATTLE FOR SEVASTOPOL International Trailer
Original title : Bitva za Sevastopol
A Movie directed by Sergeiy Mokritskiy
Cast : Joan Blackham, Vitaliy Linetskiy, Yuliya Peresild
Release Date : 2015

BATTLE FOR SEVASTOPOL International Trailer (2015)
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