Genevieve Teaches Kids Colors with Rainbow Candy and Peppa Pig!

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Best Learning Videos for Kids: Cute Kid Genevieve Teaches Kids Colors, ABCs, and Counting 1 to 20! This educational video compilation for kids includes three learning movies to help kids learn their colors, alphabet, and numbers! Cute kid Genevieve is here to help teach kids, first their colors, by using colorful candy M&M's and Peppa Pig toys with a fun toy pool. Then Genevieve teaches kids their ABCs with Elmo's On the Go Letter Puzzle. Finally, Genevieve helps kids learn how to count to twenty with a fun and colorful educational number puzzle 1 to 20!

0:00 - Learn Colors with Candy and Peppa Pig Pool Time Fun
5:25 - Learn ABCs with Elmo On the Go Letters
13:14 - Teach Kids Numbers 1 to 20 with Number Puzzle
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