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Frozen Anna vs Sleeping Beauty Aurora Smoothie Challenge for Kids Battle & Drink Gross Stuff
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Gross Smoothing Challenge Alert! This time Frozen's Princess Anna vs Sleeping Beauty Aurora battle it out to see who has to drink the most disgusting smoothie ever in this smoothie challenge for kids. Watch as their fellow Disney Princesses and villains like Queen Elsa and mean old Hans help them make their tasty selections as they draw numbers and open the corresponding bag to see what ingredient is inside. There are ten yummy flavors and six disgusting, cringe-worthy ingredients to choose from and the girls have no idea what they're going to get next. Once the girls have made all their selections they blend the smoothies up and drink up. Whoever drinks the most of their nasty smoothie wins and the loser is forced to drink some of the winner's yucky concoction. Stay tuned to find out which one of these Disney Princesses can handle the epic Smoothie Challenge.

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