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OneAnOnIy (1 год назад)
MrBomb3rZz sell me private id?
Murderlikedj (1 год назад)
Awesome Helpful Video Cuz <3
Oh Nite (1 год назад)
plz mzbom3rzz I beg u make a tut how to unban ur bo2 account not console ,
it says my bo2 account been ban from servers plzz , guys like so mzbomb3rzz
can see thi plzzzzz plzz
ICrave Lobbies (1 год назад)
CrystallizedCrew || Commentator (1 год назад)
ben monday at 5pm my time my ps3 will be downgraded to 3.55 after that u
need to help me setup everything for modding for mw2/mw3
Dylan de wit (1 год назад)
Hey mzbomb3rzz i have buy bo1 god mode classes but my mom was forget to
give the psn password so can u add me on skype name tb6805 paypal nam
martin de wit
ZRumble  (1 год назад)
does this still work cause i did it and its been like 10 minutes and i
still havent got anything, and im afraid im now stuck with no console id
EpicDude (1 год назад)
My PS3 Freezes when I use it. Any way to stop that?
Hacked Tutorials (1 год назад)
impossible to connect?
ViBeZzGetsLife (1 год назад)
My cid on ghosts is Banned what do i do
Rohan kumra (1 год назад)
links are removed please help
Sawlid (1 год назад)
can someone give me an ID ?
Anon BKTfive (1 год назад)
Been testing cids for 2 hours.. haven't found one yet...
WakkaOG (1 год назад)
can someone sell me an id for $10
Mason Woods (1 год назад)
Whats your skype?
Omer Tarig (1 год назад)
impossible to connect?
Reda Exe (1 год назад)
what's the consol data banned please?
TheEleventhGlitch (1 год назад)
The fucking installation of CCAPI froze up my console, you piece of shit.
I'm fucking flagging this video.
Hoax Rapid (1 год назад)
hey guys im new to jailbreaking how do i check my ip for my ps3