teddy bear finger family teddy bear turn around nursery rhymes kids songs kids tv S02 EP0135

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teddy bear finger family teddy bear teddy bear turn around nursery rhymes kids songs kids tv S02 EP0135


As children, we all had a favorite fluffy little playmate who stayed with us all day and all night long listening to nursery rhymes and kids songs. They kept us entertained just like we like to keep you toddlers. Here's a finger family for our most favorite stuff toy, the teddy bear finger family! This cute little family is every bit as fun as they used to be when we were kids. We hear, now they also like the new baby songs like the finger family songs and other popular English rhymes that you preschoolers always sing. So let's all get together and sing the songs and dance with new vigour. It'll be our way of thanking the teddies, and you babies can help us.

00:01 – Teddy Bear Finger Family
01:50 – Five Little Pandas
04:00 – Wheels On The Monster Truck
05:48 – Five Little Ducks
07:50 – Head Shoulders Knees
09:18 – Five Little Crayons
11:23 – Wheels On The Bike
12:52 – Teddy Bear
14:08 – Ten In The Bed
16:28 – Humpty Dumpty
17:23 – I Am A Little Teapot
18:48 – Johny Johny
19:36 – Five Little Fruits
21:36 – This Old Man
23:23 – Baa Baa Black Sheep
24:13 – Wheels On The Bus
26:00 – He Is A Jolly Good Fellow
27:02 – This Little Piggy
28:48 – Jack And Jill
29:41 – Rig A Jig
31:24 – Let's Build
33:34 – Animals Learn To Count
36:52 – Colors Song
40:54 – Down By The Bay

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