Bob The Train | Finger Family Nursery Rhymes | Song For Children | Kids Bob the train

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Bob The Train | Finger Family Nursery Rhymes | Song For Children | Kids Bob the train

Nursery rhymes, children songs and baby videos from Kids TV- is a fun and natural way for toddlers to learn to identify to grow while watching these family friendly episodes!!
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Finally! Oh finally they're here! Bob's Finger Family!! The Finger Family we were waiting to meet! Babies! We've had a lot of fun singing the Finger family Song with many Finger Families. But, you'll know, when Bob The Train brings his family to play. . . aren't just going to sing the finger rhyme and do some finger play. We're going on a playtime adventure! On a new track of happiness. A new rail of excitement. With wagons loaded with preschool education and entertainment. "We don't see them. Where are they?" Chu! Chu! Listen children! It's the sound of Bob's horn! Now! Stop jumping up and down and let us go say a big hi Bob's parents and brother and sister! And how do that, like we always have, following Bob's lead in his family's music!