Minecraft - Race To The Moon - Goodbye Again! [35]

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Hello everybody and welcome to race to the moon where 3 teams are competing for the golden prize! The 3 teams are 'Team Blue' Squid, Stamps, Chache. 'Team Pink' Amy, Salem, Mousey. 'Team Green' AshDubh, Snakedoctor, Broomy.

SuperChache39: https://www.youtube.com/user/superchache39

StampyBigNose: https://www.youtube.com/user/stampylonghead

Special thanks to www.Limehosting.co for donating the server for this series.

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We're a growing group of gamers who make cool let's play series' on PC. We
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IBallisticSquid (10 мес. назад)
Anthony Hoskins (4 мес. назад)
Did any one catch squid saying ms.stampy cat instead of Mr.stampy cat?
Ella Kill la (8 дн. назад)
1:22...... Why can't he move that block?
Frankie Callow-Stiles (2 мес. назад)
Stampy; "you know who wouldn't make that kind of mistake?...your girlfriend"

Squid is me at this point xD 
Sum Yue Low (23 дн. назад)
U not yet give stampy his cake, he already give u few diamonds
Aoife Diamond (13 дн. назад)
Um stampy
Did u not have a stack of jungle blocks in your backpack. 😯
T Mighty Nugget aka XL Sling (10 мес. назад)
Oh look, another childish commentator that plays minecraft and appeals to
the 10 year olds that love it. How original.
First Last (27 дн. назад)
It's cause u were bouncing in bed u have to leave bed if u bounce
Jose Antonio Barrios (20 дн. назад)
Stampy took the girls big sword 
Cornish Bed Co Cornwall (25 дн. назад)
Build bounce pad parkour

Danielle cause (3 дн. назад)
Ending tho 😂😂😂
Eathechicken (10 мес. назад)
Guys, stop asking what modes there using, its in the freakin description.
LuluLovesYou (1 месяц назад)
you got all that wood from that time you saw all those wood balls in the
Hejarzeray123 (1 месяц назад)
Gold blokes will be good for your side if the book ball trona at
Bobby Koebler (1 месяц назад)
can you fly squid
Maria Cecile Salvador (28 дн. назад)
leave the green wool
Emily Stringfellow (2 мес. назад)
Squid if you cover the pool on top of the house for now when you have the
other teams coming to play book ball you will die and so will they but they
will spawn back at their base so then you can get their stuff.
Dora Salinas (5 мес. назад)
Squid nugget please accept me friend request my gamer tag is pro at
mincraft on the Xbox

Kadi and Grace (1 месяц назад)
I love your videos I am a big minecraft fan