ROBOCAR POLI big & small car toys. Police car toys become very small. mini cars

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In Brooms Town, a small town with a capable rescue team, there are always accidents such as a car sliding off a cliff in the rain, a car crash, or a child locked in a firehouse. In every episode, the town's rescue team saves characters from trouble. At the end of each episode, the rescue team strongly advises the characters who are in danger and viewing children.

1. Roboca poli has become very small ~ Let's try to rescue poly that has become smaller by the play of Pororo.
2. The curse of the witch is transformed by Roboca poli ~ What is the way to solve the curse of Roboca poli?
3. Roboca poli and his friends went to play on the playground. What kind of rescue mission is waiting for you in the amusement park?

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