GTA 5 - Five Star Escape + Hookies Bar Massacre and Escape From Military Base

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It was a hard video for me, hope you'll like it.
Mods used in the video:
Graphic mod: misc/visualv
Explosions: misc/realistic-effects-of-explosions
Gun Sounds: weapons/gun-sounds-overhaul-6b4936e6-20fd-4789-921c-23e5d1f492bd
Physics: misc/rageuphoria
Police+FIB: misc/world-of-variety
Shotgun: weapons/remington-m870-sawn-off
Sniper rifle: weapons/real-weapons-v-animated
Ruger mini-14: weapons/the-american
Colt M4A1: weapons/colt-m4a1-m203