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Unhygienic ketchup recovered from Lahore

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Skrevet af Søren Rislund, spillet af Brødrenen Damp: Søren Rislund vokal, Øyvind Ougaard harmonika og Kalle Mathiesen knitren
Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain - Cafeteria Song ft. Tara Strong(Audio/Soundtrack)
Ashleigh Ball as AppleJack and Rainbow Dash
Andrea Libman as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy
Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity
Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle (ft)
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Recording Animation HASBRO Studio in USA. my little pony equestria girls
《快乐大本营》看点 Happy Camp 11/15 Recap: 凤凰传奇纪敏佳同场飙歌《月亮之上》-Phoenix Legend Sings With Ji Wen Jia【湖南卫视官方版】
《快乐大本营》看点- 凤凰传奇纪敏佳同场飙歌《月亮之上》
Happy Camp 11/15 Recap: Phoenix Legend sings with Ji Wen Jia

《快乐大本营》(Happy Camp)是湖南电视台于1997年7月11日开办的一档综艺性娱乐节目,是湖南卫视上星以来一直保持的品牌节目之一。节目开始采用全民娱乐的类型,经常 邀请一些有特殊才能的人物,一些可爱的孩子来表演,后又转为选秀节目,来选举其主持人;现在多以嘉宾访谈游戏型的综艺节目,经常邀请一些中国大陆、香港、 台湾的知名艺人来访谈,游戏等,是湖南卫视的品牌节目之一。从1997年令全国观众刮目相看的"快乐旋风"开始到目前全国综艺节目在荧屏上遍地开花、异彩 纷呈,《快乐大本营》不仅是中国电视界综艺娱乐节目的领头羊,并且已经当之无愧成为中国亿万观众娱乐生活的一部分。该节目获得1998年度金鹰奖;2005年被《新周刊》评为15年来中国最有影响力的电视节目之一;2009谷歌热榜之最热综艺节目搜索排行榜首;中国世界纪录协会2009年度中国 收视率最高的电视综艺娱乐节目。

Happy Camp produced by Hunan TV is an entertainment reality show aired since July 1997. The show often invites grassroots including kids with talent to perform. It has then transformed to an election show to choose the current show hosts. The current show model use Interviews and games and invite guests from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The show has received numerous awards including the 2005 most influential TV show in China presented by New Magazine and 2009 the most popular TV show searched on Google.

湖南卫视《快乐大本营》【官方版1080P超清全集】Happy Camp Full EP Playlist: bmGVTz

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★湖南卫视《一年级》官方版1080P超清全集 Hunan TV “Grade One” Full EP Playlist: JXgRJ8
★湖南卫视《我的一年级》官方版1080P超清全集 Hunan TV “Grade One” Full EP Playlist: sC2Mlm
★湖南卫视《我的纪录片》官方版1080P超清全集 Hunan TV “My Documentary” Full EP Playlist: z1qFnS
★湖南卫视《爸爸去哪儿2》官方版1080P超清全集Dad, Where are we going S02 Full EP: dqU96f
★湖南卫视《和爸爸在一起》官方版1080P超清全集 Together with Dad Full EP: xYvbVI
★湖南卫视《天天向上》官方版1080P超清全集 Day Day UP Full EP: WVwjsQ
★湖南卫视《我们都爱笑》官方版1080P超清全集Laugh Out Loud Full EP: 8v5mly
★湖南卫视《变形计》第十季全集X-Change Season 10 Full EP: VkwtLP
★湖南卫视《花儿与少年》官方版1080P超清全集Divas hit the road Full EP: HDn2EB
★湖南卫视《亲爱的!加油!》官方版1080P超清全集 Dear Refueling: Full EP D6UB7s
★湖南卫视《我是歌手2》官方版1080P超清全集I AM A SINGER 2 Full EP: 9O2ff5
★湖南卫视《爸爸去那儿》官方版1080P超清全集Dad, Where Are We Going Full EP: 6aT57C
★湖南卫视《谁与争锋》官方版1080P超清全集: NzmxYr
★湖南卫视《2013快乐男声》官方版1080P超清全集 Super Boy 2013 Full EP: 8wALy6
★湖南卫视《我是歌手》官方版1080P超清全集 I AM A SINGER Full EP: U8fA9K
★湖南卫视《中国最强音》官方版1080P超清全集 X Factor Full EP: 1BqQHr
★湖南卫视《百变大咖秀》官方版1080P超清全集: voRymq
★湖南卫视《我们约会吧》官方版1080P超清全集: zVvtLC
★湖南卫视《奇舞飞扬》官方版1080P超清全集 Amazing Dance Full EP: FlQUjH
★湖南卫视《王牌晚会》官方版1080P超清全集: 0Q3DFk

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Zxc Talking Tom Cat 2 - app for iPhone, iPad and Android: Tom2
سهر ابو الشروف الاغنيه التي لم تنشر
سهر ابو الشروف الاغنيه التي لو تنشر ولم تعرض
Korkenzieher Premium

Korkenzieher "Premium"
Ob beim gemütlichen Beisammensein am Abend oder zum Festtags-Menü: Ein guter Wein passt zu vielen Gelegenheiten. Mit diesem hochwertigen Premium-Korkenzieher holen Sie jetzt im Handumdrehen jeden Korken aus der Weinflasche - ganz ohne Kraftaufwand: einfach aufsetzen - drehen - fertig! Die antihaftbeschichtete Wendel mit Stahlkern lässt sich schnell, sauber und leicht in den Wein-Verschluss eindrehen. Dank des Freiraums in der Mitte der Wendel ("Seele") wird dabei das Ausbrechen des Korkens wirkungsvoll verhindert. Der speziell geformte Rand sorgt für einen sicheren Halt auf allen Flaschenhälsen. * Einfaches Entkorken auch bei festsitzenden Korken * Mühelose Handhabung ohne Kraftaufwand: aufsetzen - drehen - fertig! * Sicherer Halt auf allen Flaschenhälsen * Antihaftbeschichtete Wendel mit Stahlkern und "Seele" * Vermeidet das Ausbrechen des Korkens * Leichtes Eindrehen, automatische Zentrierung * Maße: ca. 155 x 70 x 40 mm * Gewicht: 78 g * Inklusive deutscher Anleitung

statt 12,90 EUR jetzt GRATIS

Jazzy Power Chair Trailer Video
I built a 4-grocery bag sized trailer for my dad and his wife for his Jazzy Power Chair for warm weather grocery shopping. The basket is an Elfa shelf system #3 sized basket. I machined the 3-axis hitch (roll, pitch and yaw or turn) and trailer draw bar out of 6061 aluminum with a steel eye rolling in a 1018 steel pitch axis rotation pin. The trailer hitches up using the smooth shank section and head of a cut down 5/8" dia. bolt and it is retained with a 1/8" dia. hair pin. The 14" dia. semi-pneumatic ball bearing wheels were bought from McMaster-Carr. The basket is attached to the axle/draw bar unit with small hose clamps whose tails are turned downwards to insure the interior of the basket remained totally snag free.
School Sound Design Projects 2 - A Blue Day
A funny cartoon that I did sound design for in my first quarter of college.
ZXC Music: Interview with The Muff of Naked
English transcript (sort of) below! För hela intervjun, klicka länken nedan!

This is a snippet from an interview with The Muff of glamrockers Naked, made in Helsinki, April 2011.

For the full interview, visist 2011/04/30/naked-erovrar-usa/

Interview by Humppe for ZXC Music
Pictures copyright: Janne Wass,

ZXC Music är Svenskfinlands rockblogg nummer ett och det enda mediet i Finland som koncentrerar sig uteslutande på finlandssvensk rock. För mer info och hela intervjun, besök 2011/04/30/naked-erovrar-usa/


(well, sort of)
After the last album Superstate (2007) there was silence around Naked and many wondered if the guys had called it quits. 
Naked broke lefttheir former record label, according to The Muff becauce that they were doing "mammoth thinking from the Seventies" and sacked their manager. 
"But doing everything from learning to write good songs, record demos, build up a studio, getting the right equipment, record the entire album all by ourselves took such a long time. long. I think the end result was quite good and we learned a helluvalot since there weren't many months when we did nothing at we put together T-Bag Records and released this album (Double Down). Now, in Finland and we're trying to get it released abroad. It is what ut is, you have to take and look at the good things instead of expecting a lot, if it comes, it comes." 
"In ten years, all bands have to have their own record label, and there must be people who put money in what you're doing. The musicians are always broke!. You have to think big. You have have a vision of what it is that you want to achieve!  I don't know if I'd want to be in a band that's just starting up in Finland today. Not to be alarmist, but for us it took ten years to understand that you must have a vision and proper work your ass off and at the same time try to have fun. The only way to get somewhere is to get to a place like that where someone else sees a chance to make money off of you, music will become even more secondary than it is today. I hope that people will still do this for the love of the music, like me. " 
Recently The Muff's been mostly trying to get working visas for USA for all the band members. After the record was released Naked did their first tour of Finland in 2-3 years, and over the next year only one Finnish concert is scheduled, and it is Popkalaset Ekenäs in June. 
"In May we hit the road for The States, we play nine keikkor in eighteen days in May. In July, we'll go there again to headline Trash Fest in Philadelphia and play a few other gigs in Philadelphia and New York again, and in autumn maybe Los Angeles, but that's not settled yet. But bottom line is simply that if I play our new record to a hundred people in Finland, three will understand it, but in the U.S. 85 who get it. It just doesn't work here-" 
In New York Naked will be playing the famous Highline Ballroom, but also in smaller, but reputable clubs. 
"I have a feeling that people are seriously interested in us in the U.S.. What also makes us profitable over there is that we own all our material, we have no management contracts, except over there, we have no record deal and we have work visas for one year. So it's not like we're going there with our guitar over our shoulders and take a vacation. 35 gigs in the U.S. in 4-5 months just has to stir up some interest."
"Of course we'd like to get signed by some really big record compaby, but realistically, I would hope that we can achieve the same cult status as Hanoi Rocks, Michael Monroe enjoy in the U.S.. It is quite realistic. Of course it would be fun if we could be even bigger, but we'll see. If you talk shit in the Finnish music industry, it's tenfold over there, but we have enough experience to avoid getting totally screwed. If we get a cult status that it is a good start, everything else is after it is plus. But I have set out some antennae, and people seem to dig it."
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