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Kim Kardashian Lets Gender of Third Child Slip
Kim Kardashian accidentally revealed the gender of her third child with husband Kanye West, and Ellen helped her choose a name for the baby.
Panda song alphabet colors|penguin alphabet ABC|panda song colors alphabet ABC|astronote panda song
Baby panda play & learn ABC |learning the alphabet|ABC song childrens|panda in palnet alphabet song ABC|song alphabet colors

Learn the 26 letters of the english alphabet with my ABC,
A children's companion to sound out the alphabet with games and songs,
It makes learning simple and fun.
Fun fiture:
-sing the alphabet song
-ride the alphabet wheels
-hear the alphabet sound
-panda alphabet song in planet
-song alphabet ABC
-penguin song alphabet
-Alphabet colors song
-panda alphabet
-penguin alphabet

Learning the alphabet is a milestone for toddlers,it is a big step before children can sound words out in reading and writing,give your children an early start.

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80 Surprise eggs, Маша и Медведь Kinder Surprise Mickey Mouse Disney Pixar Cars 2
Hi everyone! In this video I am going to show you 80 surprise eggs. From these there are 40 different surprise eggs and 40 kinder surprises.

The first eggs are Masha i Medved Kinder surprises and Nu, pogodi! surprise egg, these are wonderful surprise eggs with amazing figures.

Then I am introducing the Mickey Mouse and The Lion King surprise eggs from Zaini. In these eggs you can find fantastic figures from Disney cartoons. The Zaini toys figures were hand painted
I am also showing you a Dragon Ball Z surprise egg, it is from Italy and it is unique and rare. The Peppa Pig surprise egg also comes from Italy.

I also have Furuta, Disney Part 1-2-3 and Disney / Pixar Part 3 series Surprise eggs, there are wonderful Disney Figures in these Japanese surprise eggs. Many people love these surprise eggs. The Super Mario Bros. Egg is also from Japan, with amazing figures and there are some more Furuta eggs as well.
If you love Winnie the Pooh, you can watch Gold and other Winnie the Pooh eggs in this video.

You can also find unique Kinderino, this is a special Kinder Surprise egg with special figures.

Disney / Pixar Cars and Dora the Explorer eggs come from Mexico. But there are other eggs from this country as well.
You can find Percy on the packing of the Thomas & Friends Chocolate egg and inside it there is a figure. There are great figures in the Snoopy chocolate egg. Many love these little figures.
There are also Mickey Mouse Clubhouse chocolate egg and Mickey Mouse chocolate Christmas edition egg in a small box.

If you love kinder surprises, I also have SpongeBob and Smurfs edition too. There are very good figures inside it. And I also have Natoons edition too, which hides dinosaur figures. The Tom & Jerry Kinder Surprise egg in the little box is from China and counts as a rarity. If you like Tom & Jerry cartoons then you will definitely going to love these.
The Giant Kinder Maxi is a great Easter egg. The rabbit Kinder Surprise is an Easter Edition. I also have other Giant Kinder Maxi eggs and other Kinder Surprise eggs in little boxes.
The Cheburashka surprise egg is also rare, it contains great little figures.

Among the best are the Furuta animal eggs, which are very rare. They have fantastic animal figures for example the Furuta Gold box hides golden animal figures.
The Lord of the Rings Edition Kinder Surprise box is also great, it has 3 eggs and they contain 3 Lord of the Rings figures.

The larger plastic eggs contain candies and stickers. I have Disney / Pixar Cars 2 and SpongeBob plastic egg too.
In the end I am introducing a Kinder joy pack limited edition, which contains a larger toy.

Musics from Kevin MacLeod ()

60 Surprise Eggs video:

50 Surprise Eggs video:

40 Surprise Eggs video:
Balloon is about a kid (Bradley Griffin) that gets a red balloon at the park, and when he waits for someone to pick him up, the bully (John Taylor) approaches him. He threatens to beat up the kid, but the kid doesn't react to the threats at all. It confuses the bully until he thinks of popping the balloon. Will popping the balloon work to get the kid upset? Find out.

Skrevet af Søren Rislund, spillet af Brødrenen Damp: Søren Rislund vokal, Øyvind Ougaard harmonika og Kalle Mathiesen knitren
YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge | #YouTubeRewind
YouTube Rewind 2016. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moves that made 2016. #YouTubeRewind

Spend more time with your favorite creators, videos and trends from 2016: rewind2016
Watch trending videos from 2016: rewind
See trends as they happen: trending
Watch the BTS video: Y8MuxHNLfZ8
Watch all the easter eggs: WihKvv

Music by The Hood Internet user/thehoodinternet
With an original remix by Major Lazer user/majorlazer

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The Late Late Show with James Corden channel/UCJ0uqCI0Vqr2Rrt1HseGirg
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Tobar's   For kids
Classic Sesame Street - Two-Headed Monster (Cheese)
Two-Headed Monster says "Cheese" and photo flashes everywhere.

All rights reserved goes to:
Children's Television Workshop (1969--2000)
Sesame Workshop (2000--present)

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for -fair use- for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
That was close zxc
That was close zxc
Video recorded with Everyplay. Download Bloons TD Battles on the App Store: app/id624533261
A year in zXc
We go further each days but sometimes we need to stop and watch behind us and oh well, watch it :D

Note: I won't steal the diamonds morph!
even if they're shinny

Also, this makes me nostalgic : watch?v=lDZp8IsWD9E
Kusimama-Jim Papoulis ACDA Summer Honor Choir 2012
ACDA Summer Honor Choir 2012 with Jim Papoulis himself conducting
Выпуск №62 (TMNT, Metal Slug 3, Bomberman, BattleToads, Escape Kids, Bucky O`Hare)-MAME
Воскресенье , 18:00 по МСК. Соляночка №62.
И в этот последней день осени 2014 года мы заряжаем облачное разнообразие радости.
TMNT, Metal Slug 3, Bomberman, BattleToads, Escape Kids, Bucky O`Hare - все это на нашем столе накрыто пушистым облаком юмора и веселой компании.
Ждем в гости: http://солянко.рф/ и YouTube watch?v=usi-LzINxh8

Чтобы все могли СПОКОЙНО и комфортно поиграть создан список LRbaU8, где любой может "забить" себе место в игре. Каждый записавшийся 100% играет и ему никто не мешает. Достаточно вписать свой ник под игрой и все сделано. Ведущий назовет номер игрока, за которого он участвует в игре. Если игроков больше, чем игра поддерживает, играем по раунду или жизням (контам). Если игрока нет больше минуты или он не успевает, его место переходит к следующему записавшемуся. Но у него остается шанс поиграть, когда он решит проблему и вернется в эфир.
Для того, чтобы присоединиться, качаем 01On4k или ftp://солянко.рф/SOFT/ или из комнаты "Солянка" в тс и запускаем . Появляется окно с игрой (Чтобы освободить мышку - нажмите Ё(~)в левом верхнем углу клавиатуры). Занимаем места по списку и нажимаем START за своего игрока него (цифры 1,2,3 или 4) и играем.
Раскладка клавиатуры для каждого игрока UmyGt9 или в прикрепленном файле.
Коротко такие кнопки
(Игрок-управление+1-2-3 кнопки+START)
1P-стрелки обычные(дублируем NUMLOCK 8546 )+ZXC+1
4P-IKJL+:"}+4 (Кто знает как пользоваться JoyToKey или Xpadder, настройте заранее 4 профиля на свой джойстик, чтобы играть на нем)
Монетки накидывать не надо!
Всем приятной игры и веселого настроения.

Полезные ссылки:
Общение на стриме -http://солянко.рф/ (или в документах группы)
Чатик -
YouTube канал - user/solyankos/
Группа VK - solyanka_game
Сайт - http://солянко.рф/
Unhygienic ketchup recovered from Lahore
Unhygienic ketchup recovered from Lahore

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See Meghan Markle on ‘90s Nickelodeon Show After Protesting Sexist Commercial
As a social studies assignment back in elementary school, Meghan Markle and her classmates watched some commercials to assess their messages. A commercial for Ivory Dishwashing Liquid really bothered Meghan because it used the word "her." Meghan took matters into her own hands by writing a letter to the soap manufacturer. The company changed the commercial. What Meghan did landed her on the cable show ‘Nick News’ in 1993.
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