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Ice Run penguins Walkthrough | Game for baby | videos
Get ready for a wonderful 3D race among the ice! You will start a difficult and strict race with small cute penguins and on this icy way, you'll blow like a wind! If you're ready, Let's start!
MINECRAFT: How to build big wooden house #6
outdoors + indoors!
hweh, a lot of people were asking for minecraft house tutorial and... here we go!

Music by ZXC:
Khulata Kali Khulena - Episode 92 - October 31, 2016 - Best Scene
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You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to things you don’t want to feel.

Dr. Vikrant, who is a renowned Gynecologists by profession and a chivalrous gentleman, will be tying the knot with a beautiful girl named Monica - a correct match basis horoscope chosen by the family. A truly picture perfect wedding!!!

Vikrant hails from a renowned family of Doctors by profession while Monica & her sister - Manasi, lost their parents while they were kids. They have been raised by their grandparents. Monica the elder sister has pursued her career in Events Management, however has no specific career goals for herself. While the younger one - Manasi is currently pursuing medical education.

Like any to be married couple - Vikrant and Monica are anxious and eager for the new journey to begin. Catastrophe strikes on the wedding day itself, when Vikrant gets to know that his to be wife is already bearing one more soul within her.

Stuck in a situation where Vikrant could save himself of the trouble by rejecting to be married but risk the lives of people on either sides."
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The videos of the kids I DO NOT OWN! I was just reacting to it. Here is all there links and all the Videos i used in this video

Dubsmash Relationship Goals Compilation | The Best Dubsmash Couples

Dyls & Chany #2 |Relationship Goals? Cute Couple Dubsmash Compilation | CDfan Dubsmash

Dubsmash Relationship Goals | Cute Brother And Sister Goals Dubsmash Compilation | CDfan

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Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids with Colgate’s Brush Brush Brush Song
Do your children brush their teeth twice a day? They sure will after listening to Colgate’s fun song about brushing teeth. Sing it along with your kids and keep cavities away!
Pequeño Leo - Estación de tren - Coches infantiles - Carritos para niños - Camiones infantiles
Leo es un Camión inquisitivo que recoge piezas y formas 3D.
Usa diferentes máquinas cómo un tractor, excavadora, y grúa.
Cuales son los detalles que faltan en el patio de recreo!

Tu destinación para ver dibujos animados y caricaturas de coches, videos de trenes y tractores infantiles, camiones y excavadoras para niños de 0 a 6 años.

TV Para Niños te trae programmas originales y educativas en español para niños preescolares. Las leccíones son divertidas y contribuyen al augmento y desarrollo del vocabulario, y con cuatro vídeos nuevos cada semana siempre hay nuevo contenido!
Imaginext Joker's Laff Factory Batman DC Friends Surprise Play-Doh Egg HobbyKidsTV #HKTV
HobbyKidsTV presents Imaginext Joker's Laugh Factory Box Opening Surprise Egg. In this Vidoe HobbyDad and HobbyKids Open up the Imaginext Joker's Laugh Factory. Watch tell the end of the video to see the surprise toy that is inside the Joker Surprise Egg. See all the fun things the Joker's Laugh factory can do.
HobbyKidsTV is proud to be in the Top 5% on Google Preferred Family & Children's YouTube Channels Lineup!
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---TOY INFO---
Fisher-Price Imaginext Joker Laff Factory

Rotate the yellow pipe on the Laff Factory sign to activate kicking boots!
Turn The Joker on the front disk to spin the chemical vat!
Turn The Joker on another disk to hear him laugh as the giant hand traps spin!
The Joker Laff Factory includes The Joker figure, his scooter, pipe wrench, plunger and rolling trap
Place the rolling trap at the top of the ramp-it drops on other figures!

---MUSIC BY---
YouTube Audio Library
Kevin MacLeod

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Family friendly kids toy videos. We collect all toys, review toys, and the kids have always loved playing and creating fun stories with their toys since they were very little. We make kids toy videos on Play-Doh, Legos, Duplo, Cars, Cars 2 Movie, Planes, Planes Fire Rescue, Planes, Transformers, Dinosaurs, Princesses, Disney, Pixar, Surprise Eggs, Play Doh Eggs, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Frozen, Elsa, Anna, Muppets, Dinosaur Train, Trains, Superhero Toys, Batman, Superman, Hulk, Ironman, SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Sesame Street, Big Bird. Watch HobbyKidsTV Playdoh Playlists for more Play Doh toy videos. Our playlists includes Cookie Monster Play Doh, Elmo Color Mixer Play Doh toy review, Play Doh Mickey Mouse, Hulk Smash Play-Doh, Play Doh Plus food treats, Play Dough Animals, Lightning McQueen works on Doctor Drill and Fill, Play Doh Princess Dresses and much more! We also feature kids video such as: Emmet, The LEGO movie, cars, planes, Microdrifters, Ice Cream, Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, Superheroes, Peppa Pig in Mud, #HobbyKidsTV #HobbyKids #HobbyToysTV

Playdough, Play-Doh, Clay, Crayola, Plasticine, Plastilina, Plastiline, مادة لدائنية, 橡皮泥, 橡皮泥, pâte à modeler, プラスティシーン, plasticina, пластилин, modellera, пластилін
Disney Cars 3 Collection School Backpack Surprise Toys Miss Fritter Jackson Storm Pixar Cars 3
Disney Cars 3 Collection School Backpack Surprise Toys Miss Fritter Jackson Storm Pixar Cars 3.
Toys Review for kids by a kid!
Join to see him play with toys and review toys for kids!
He loves Cars, Trains, Thomas and friends, Lego, Superheroes, Disney toys, open surprise eggs, play doh , Pixar Disney cars , Disney Planes, monster trucks, minions, playtime at the fun, family fun adventure and so much more!

I will also love doing fun and easy science experiments for kids!

Most of the toys we used to review are being donated to local charity

We hope these videos will bring your family as much joy as we had in creating them.
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===============================================================Just4fun290 presents Disney Cars 3 Collection School Backpack Surprise Toys Miss Fritter Jackson Storm Pixar Cars 3!
Hulk Gumball Machine | Animated Superheroes in Real Life Play Doh Movies
Hulk's Gumball Machine featuring Superman!

Stop Motion videos - Superhero stop motion, Play Doh stop motion, Animation Hulk, Hulk movies, Disney characters, Marvel movies.

Check out more stop motions videos below :)

HULK GIRLY MAKEUP Tutorial - Superheroes in Real Life

HULK Goes to the Dentist | Play Doh Superhero Stop-motion

HULK TOILET SICKNESS - Gross Food Prank Superheroes

Hulk Gets Sick Needs Shot Superheroes in Real Life Play Doh

Elsa Gets Sick Needs Shot Frozen in Real Life Play Doh Animation

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Music by Audio Micro
Music By Kevin Macleod
Mr Bean Animated Episode 1 (1/2) of 47
Mr. Bean Animated Series Complete Collection Episode 1 Part 1
IT Movie Comparison - Old vs New
We mashed up the new IT trailer with scenes from the original movie. Tell us how you think they compare!

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Legends of Tomorrow

Nursery Rhymes Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round with MINIONS 3D Animation (Kids Songs)
Nursery Rhymes Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round with MINIONS 3D Animation (Kids Songs)

Music feature on the video :

- Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round,

Previous videos :

The Amazing Spiderman with his Lightning Mcqueen & Nursery Rhymes Disney Pixar Cars (Children Songs)

HULK & SPIDERMAN Nursery Rhymes Kids Songs + Lightning McQueen Colors Disney Pixar Cars

Nursery Rhymes Disney Frozen Lightning McQueen Colors Disney Cars (Nursery Rhymes) Kids Songs

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CantaJuego - Como Me Pica la Nariz
Best of CantaJuego / Lo mejor de CantaJuego: 8BB17g
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Lo Nuevo ¡Viva Mi Planeta! Temporada 2 (Vídeo y Audio)  VMP2
15 canciones y 15 videoclips de la segunda temporada de su nueva serie de TV.

¡Viva Mi Planeta! Temporada 1 (Vídeo y Audio)  VMP1
15 canciones y 15 videoclips de laprimera temporada de su nueva serie de TV.

Los Grandes Éxitos Supervitamina (Vídeo y Audio)  superv
Reúne lo mejor de 10 años de trayectoria de CantaJuego. Imprescindible!

Lo Último de la Colección Cantajuego Vol. 10 (Vídeo y Audio)  Vol10
Esta colección es el referente de los niños de 0 a 6 años para el entretenimiento, aprendizaje y diversión.

CantaJuego versiona esta divertida canción para despertar en los más peques su mundo de fantasía eimaginación, herramientas muy importantes para que afiancen sus relaciones interpersonales y fomenten su autoestima desarrollando con mayor éxito todos sus talentos futuros.

Letra canción:
Tengo un defecto en la nariz que es muy molesto
Que me sucede igual en Vigo que en Madrid
No sé por qué cuando me pongo muy nervioso
Me da un picor irresistible en la nariz

Si en el colegio hay un examen importante
O por las notas me regaña mi papá
Me da enseguida ese picor tan excitante
Que por desgracia siempre me hace estornudar

¡Ah ah Achís!
Como me pica la nariz
Como me pica la nariz
Ya no lo puedo resistir
Cómo me pica la nariz

El otro día conocí a una chica guapa
Y de inmediato la invité a pasear
Pero la chica se marchó muy asustada
Cuando me vio de aquella forma estornudar

Si en un partido de mi barrio soy portero
Y en un avance el delantero va a chutar
Me da tal miedo cuando chutan a la puerta
Que meten gol porque me pongo a estornudar


Si voy al cine y hay película de miedo
O es de vaqueros y se empiezan a pelear
Cuando termina la función estoy yo sólo
Pues me la paso sin parar de estornudar

El otro día me invitaron a un programa
Donde mi ingenio yo debía demostrar
Me preguntaron si sabía alguna cosa
Y yo le dije que sabía estornudar


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Entretenimiento para niños y niñas con vídeos y canciones ideales para compartir en familia, cantar, bailar, desarrollar la psicomotricidad y estimular el aprendizaje de los más pequeños.
CantaJuego TV: videos
Disfruta GRATIS de todos nuestros vídeos organizados por temáticas y crea tus propias listas de reproducción con tus vídeos favoritos!

CantaJuego es un proyecto pedagógico-musical en formato audiovisual, desarrollado por especialistas en la estimulación psicomotriz y el trabajo psicopedagógico. Orientado a los niños y niñas de 0 a 8 años, CantaJuego nos propone utilizar la música y el movimiento para poner en funcionamiento la imaginación y la fantasía; estas vivencias desarrollan la psicomotricidad, potencian el mundo afectivo y las relaciones sociales.

Cantar y Jugar de manera divertida y visualmente impactante, permite a los niños y niñas educar el oído, desarrollar el sentido rítmico, la voz, el movimiento
Balloon is about a kid (Bradley Griffin) that gets a red balloon at the park, and when he waits for someone to pick him up, the bully (John Taylor) approaches him. He threatens to beat up the kid, but the kid doesn't react to the threats at all. It confuses the bully until he thinks of popping the balloon. Will popping the balloon work to get the kid upset? Find out.

Temple Run Forever
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What if the next time you played the Temple Run game you were somehow transported into the evil monkey's cave and had to run for your life?!
For those of you who are going to ask, Zach is still running without monkeys chasing him, allowing him to achieve the highest Temple Run Score in he is still running strong.

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Music by Andrew Gerlicher: forgetrackaudio1024

Special thanks to John Tounger, Tyler Anderson, and Justin Milinich
80 Surprise eggs, Маша и Медведь Kinder Surprise Mickey Mouse Disney Pixar Cars 2
Hi everyone! In this video I am going to show you 80 surprise eggs. From these there are 40 different surprise eggs and 40 kinder surprises.

The first eggs are Masha i Medved Kinder surprises and Nu, pogodi! surprise egg, these are wonderful surprise eggs with amazing figures.

Then I am introducing the Mickey Mouse and The Lion King surprise eggs from Zaini. In these eggs you can find fantastic figures from Disney cartoons. The Zaini toys figures were hand painted
I am also showing you a Dragon Ball Z surprise egg, it is from Italy and it is unique and rare. The Peppa Pig surprise egg also comes from Italy.

I also have Furuta, Disney Part 1-2-3 and Disney / Pixar Part 3 series Surprise eggs, there are wonderful Disney Figures in these Japanese surprise eggs. Many people love these surprise eggs. The Super Mario Bros. Egg is also from Japan, with amazing figures and there are some more Furuta eggs as well.
If you love Winnie the Pooh, you can watch Gold and other Winnie the Pooh eggs in this video.

You can also find unique Kinderino, this is a special Kinder Surprise egg with special figures.

Disney / Pixar Cars and Dora the Explorer eggs come from Mexico. But there are other eggs from this country as well.
You can find Percy on the packing of the Thomas & Friends Chocolate egg and inside it there is a figure. There are great figures in the Snoopy chocolate egg. Many love these little figures.
There are also Mickey Mouse Clubhouse chocolate egg and Mickey Mouse chocolate Christmas edition egg in a small box.

If you love kinder surprises, I also have SpongeBob and Smurfs edition too. There are very good figures inside it. And I also have Natoons edition too, which hides dinosaur figures. The Tom & Jerry Kinder Surprise egg in the little box is from China and counts as a rarity. If you like Tom & Jerry cartoons then you will definitely going to love these.
The Giant Kinder Maxi is a great Easter egg. The rabbit Kinder Surprise is an Easter Edition. I also have other Giant Kinder Maxi eggs and other Kinder Surprise eggs in little boxes.
The Cheburashka surprise egg is also rare, it contains great little figures.

Among the best are the Furuta animal eggs, which are very rare. They have fantastic animal figures for example the Furuta Gold box hides golden animal figures.
The Lord of the Rings Edition Kinder Surprise box is also great, it has 3 eggs and they contain 3 Lord of the Rings figures.

The larger plastic eggs contain candies and stickers. I have Disney / Pixar Cars 2 and SpongeBob plastic egg too.
In the end I am introducing a Kinder joy pack limited edition, which contains a larger toy.

Musics from Kevin MacLeod ()

60 Surprise Eggs video:

50 Surprise Eggs video:

40 Surprise Eggs video:
Em Là Hoa Hồng Nhỏ - Bé Trang Thư [Official] | Nhạc Thiếu Nhi Hay Cho Bé
Kênh POPS Kids
Nội dung: Kênh thiếu nhi hàng đầu trên YouTube với các video nhạc thiếu nhi, các chương trình giáo dục hay nhiều nội dung thú vị nữa. Nhấn subscribe để theo dõi nhiều sản phẩm mới trên POPS Kids.
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