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The Weirdest Ways Pokemon Has Been Censored
4Kids used add sub sandwiches, it was very confusing!

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5 Disney Movies that Were Almost Completely Different
All of your favorite Disney movies started way different than they wound up.

Zootopia, Lion King, Toy Story, Aladdin, and Lilo and Stitch all started as immensely different movies. This early versions were corrected, altered, and sometimes censored to become the theatrical versions that we all know and love today.

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Top Most Brutal Moments In Dragon Ball
My Top Brutal DBZ Moments

Thank you everyone! When I put this up I had no idea it would become so popular! Over 250k views blows my mind. I realize I left a lot of moments out that by all means should be in this. If I knew this would become so popular I would have put a little more time and effort into making sure I had everything. Tbh I threw this together really fast. So glad all of you enjoy it tho! Also give credit to all those people whose videos I used, you can see their channel name in the corner of each clip.

(Dragonball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball SUPER are owned by TOEI ANIMATION Ltd and licensed by FUNimation Productions Ltd. This video was made for entertainment purposes ONLY! )

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for -fair use- for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
10 Dirty Jokes Hidden in Your Favorite Kids Cartoons!
Now and again, everyone needs a good song about Batman's butthole.

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10 Times Rick and Morty Paid Incredible Attention to Continuity
Did you know Rick and Morty is a sequel series to a certain Disney show?

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The TRUTH About Thor's New Eye | Infinity War Theory
Take the SCB Survey! r/CarlinBros2018

Today Ben dives into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to try and uncover the TRUTH about Thor’s new eye and what powers it may possess!

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Every time you give us a thumbs up a Narwhal gets its horn! (maybe..)
Dragon Ball Z vs DC Superheroes - What If Battle -  [ DBZ / DBS  Parody
Goku Saiyan Rangers - 3RkD8r42fmk
Goku vs Saitama - 1R4fz3B
Baulk vs Ironbat - i9nuja2dY9k
Phasma - T7m23jxzpu4
Goffu vs SuperThor - YRbKZRp2Fb4
Dragon Ball Super G - MPmJGYdDNTI

Goku and Vegeta are back! This time they are here to battle the powerful Superheroes from DC Universe. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg, the Princes of Gotham and the entire Justice League are ready to fight two Super Saiyans.

ATTENTION - No Fansubbing, fandubbing and re-uploading of this video are allowed. Re-uploading of this parody video created by Cartoon Hooligans team on another Youtube account or other platforms on the internet is strongly prohibited.

[ Cast ]
Timothy Banfield
Jon Bailey
Suzy Jurcevic channel/UC8ne3x8MmNwxsAyzcQNdffA

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What If Hulk Ripped His Pants #4 - m0s85XVrQSE
CARHOO Draws Iron Hulk - 4f_MHy28zdE
Spiderman vs Venom - KT8WKXI9Llo
CARHOO Draws Spiderman & Deadpool - UCI8XPGcFa0
Carhoo 1 Million Subs Special - sj2aNATWFJM
The Rumors about Spiderman and Deadpool - Bc5MtIwIj_A
CARHOO Draws Batman + Black Panther - IS9B50MIeAA
Spiderman vs Venom + Green Goblin + Doctor Octopus - OGreY-HtMgQ
CARHOO Draws Cyclops x Wolverine - SWPl6WeOPO8
Not So Fantastic Four - KFDeroyOB9k
What If Marvel's Civil War - kGesLXV3PcU
CARHOO Draws Deadpool X Deathstroke - h9d5xbCZjYE
Street Cock Fighter - 4LRCMin5k8A
CARHOO Draws Daredevil & Punisher -zuZNBl1xioE
Batman vs Superman - BJZyvs0mXrU
Goku vs Saitama - 1R4fz3B
Santa Claus : Civil War - GpN93lYH9pg
CARHOO Patreon Launch Video - Iao5z_RdcjU
Baulk vs Ironbat [ Vote The Winner ] - yfyvSnaVNQ4
CARHOO Draws Saitama - BtdQF70OeG4
CARHOO Draws Trunks - oUpl3zfp9gE
How CARHOO animates [ 500k Subs Special ] - HThGRGWfI7w
Goffu vs SuperThor - YRbKZRp2Fb4
Goffu vs SuperThor Trailer - JTS3eakgKRA
Dragon Ball Super G - MPmJGYdDNTI
Dragon Ball Z vs DC Superheroes - N_rLzaDfcGA
Dragon Ball Z vs Marvel Superheroes - 4H_ULvEBqXI
Ages of Ultron - q4idcRcK8_E
Superman V Batman - RxG_1YEuPi4
What If Superman Was Adpoted by The Waynes - DveVvg3A-dI
What If Baymax Was a ... Part 1 - gKIvwZi6GEs
What If Baymax Was a ... Part 2 - xxM-gfx85hc
5 Times Steven Universe Faced  Mature Themes Head On
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Steven Universe killed his mother, just by being born. That'ty heavy for a cartoon.

Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst and Steven have covered some pretty mature topics across multiple seasons of Steven Universe. And in some episodes, Greg Universe, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, and Connie have brought up other mature themes! From gem fusions being sex, to the implications of Steven and Connie's fusion of Stevonnie, Rebecca Sugar's show does a lot of interesting things!

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Top 5 PERVERTED SECRETS in Nintendo Games (3DS, SNES, GBA)
TOP 5 PERVERT SECRETS in Nintendo games, from questionable items to big boobs, secret images and more! You'd be surprised what you can find if you know where to look...

Games: Super Mario RPG, Senran Kagura 2 and more.

Twitter: GameChap
Twitter: BertieChap
Facebook: GameChapOfficial
Top 10 WTF Transformation Scenes in Anime (ft. Todd Haberkorn)
Top 10 WTF Transformation Scenes in Anime (ft. Todd Haberkorn)
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We're joined by anime dub master Todd Haberkorn for yet another weird video. This time its gonna be the strangest transformations, from magical girls to magical mecha. Expect to see shows like Dragon Ball Super, Henkei Shojo, Is this a zombie?, Arakawa Under The Bridge, Dog Days, Kill la Kill, Mr Osomatsu (Osomatsu-San), Gonna be the twin tails, Mahou Shoujo Ore, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, and more appear along the way. Which do you think is the most bizarre moment on this list? did we miss your favourite anime series? let us know in the comments below!

#10. Does This Come in a Men’s Size?
#9. Too Many Muscles
#8. Whatever the Hell Is Going on Here
#7. Leather Club’s Two Blocks Down
#6. A Twintail Obsession
#5. Magical MAN!
#4. Fish Cake House Battle Armor
#3, #2, #1: ???

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5 Tragic Anime Deaths that We're Still Not Over
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Spoiler Avoidance Guide:
0:52 - Fullmetal Alchemist
1:52 - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
2:52 - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
3:55 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
5:05 - Erased

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13 Awesome Overwatch Secrets You Probably Missed
You'll never guess which Blizzard characters you can find on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 59 - #CellGames | TeamFourStar (TFS)
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Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 59: The Hard Cell

Blink and you'll miss the action as Goku and Cell turn up the heat! But Goku's got a surprise... for everyone!

TeamFourStar is a group of voice actors, sound designers, musicians entertainers and Anime lovers based out of Texas. Most noted for the series Dragon Ball Z Abridged, TFS loves to make comedy and specifically parody.

MasakoX – Goku, Gohan
Hnilmik - Chichi
Antfish - Mister Satan
Lanipator – Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo, Mr. Popo
Takahata101 – Cell
Remix – Android 16
Ganxingba - Tenshinhan
Faulerro - Yamcha
Kirbopher - Ox-King
GrantBTW - Guy In Crowd

Sarah Anne Williams as Videl
Xander Mobus as Jimmy Firecracker
KaiShiden as Larry the Camerman

Additional Art By:
Christopher Niosi
Zach Manley
Malik Torihane

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And if you want to support us you can find us on Patreon at: tfs
5 Things About Dragon Ball Z That Make No Sense
Listen to our podcast! podcast

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The 5 Most Heartbreaking Scenes in One Piece
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Manga's Most Bizarre Trope Has a Dark Secret
Turning a human being into a doorknob is kind of funny -- until it's not.

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Goku Finds Out Bulma Has No Balls!!
Got to watch its hilarious!!!!
5 Times Batman Made Us Feel Too Much!
Batman's greatest weapon is The Feels.

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10 Times Animators Snuck Dirty Jokes Past the Censors
Nothing can stop a pervy animator when they set their mind to a dirty joke. Nothing.

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10 SECRET Game Over Screens That Were Pure Genius
These are our top 10 SECRET Game Over Screens That Were Pure Genius. Do you know any others that we may have missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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10 Cancelled Ideas From Video Games You WISH They Used
10 Unlucky Moments In Video Game Speedruns You Won't Believe

Getting game over is never fun when playing your favorite game. You have to restart the mission, go through parts of levels again, and try to find a new way to avoid death. Through the years, video game creators have found plenty of unique ways to amp up the dreaded game over scenes. This includes false game overs, surprise endings, and parts of the game where players should have never roamed.

Everyone knows when Sonic isn’t moving he impatiently taps his toes, but developers took it to a whole other level for Sonic CD by killing him off. It’s hard enough taking on all the zombies in Resident Evil 4, but things get a lot worse when you simply want to do some shooting practice at the lake. The Metal Gear Solid series travels across all different times, creating a paradox game over if you accidentally kill a character who appears in future games. James Bond has had a ton of different games, but one of the earliest actually features some of the craziest game over screens. A death can happen just seconds into the game if you don’t play it right. In Mass Effect 2, one of the craziest game over scenes can occur when you chose to make a connection with one of the female characters. The Elite Beat Agents is a really fun game until you reach the heartbreaking Christmas level. In Far Cry 4, a little patience can lead you to a quick game over and end credits scene. Tomb Raider covers the story of King Midas and his golden touch can lead to one of the craziest deaths in the franchise. Dishonored tries to keep players truly honest with their game over scene involving a bathtub. While playing The Catwoman DLC of Arkham City, you can chose to let Batman die and see the fun ending that follows. Watch and see all of these awesome game over screens!

Script by: Alan Donahue

Voice Over by: Ryan George

Edited by: Kyle Mirzaian

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Film Theory:  What IS the Dragon Ball Z Kamehameha Wave?
Subscribe to join the Film Theorists! ►► 1dI8VBH
Are VIDEO GAMES the future of movies? ► 1I2qc5b

Hey, we did a collab on DBZ with LORE and it was awesome! Check out their video here ► 1LTDz81

This Dragon Ball Z theory has been one one of the most requested in the history of BOTH the Game Theorists and Film Theorists and now it's finally HERE! the Kamehameha Wave is the most iconic piece of DBZ lore out there and it took some serious science to explain how we could bring this incredible power out of the TV series and into the real world! And finally, a big thanks to ALL the Theorists who requested this one--meeting your challenge on this one was super tough, but it's become one of my favorite in the series!

Like the theme song? Thanks to Carf Darko!

Twitter: @MatPatGT
Facebook: GameTheorists
Instagram: matpatgt

Harry Potter ISN'T the chosen one? ►1HDwQtH
Can Dr. Who's Doctor be a HUMAN? ► 1AGes5S
The TRUTH about Jon Snow ► 1dHmLUW
How to Win an Oscar for BEST ACTOR! ► 1SRa0a4
How to Win an Oscar for BEST PICTURE! ► 1daa1oQ
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