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BBC: Saber Tooth Cat Prey - Ice Age Death Trap
The saber tooth cat, one of the most formidable Ice Age predators, was not immune to the destructive lure of the crude oil tar pits that populated the planet thousands of years ago. Watch this clip from BBC show 'Ice Age Death Trap' to find out more.
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Mammoth Bait - Secrets of the Ice Age Death Trap - BBC
Watch this awesome video from BBC wild history show 'Ice Age Death Trap' to discover how the death of one wooly mammoth led to the Ice Age massacre of hundred of animals in the deadliest predator of that time, the tar pits.
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BBC: American Lion - Ice Age Death Trap
Even the American Lion, a deadly and feared predator of the Ice Age, feel prey to the all consuming death trap that was the Ice Age tar pit. Watch this awesome video from BBC wild history show 'Ice Age Death Trap' to find out more.
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BBC:The Beaver - A Moose's Best Friend -  A Moose Named Madeline
Watch this clip from BBC documentary 'A Moose Name Madeline' to see the strange relationship between the moose and the beaver. Living side by side, these two diverse species have learnt to co-operate and give nature a helping hand along the way.
Watch more Moose videos with BBC Worldwide here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=497788312D5ACA45
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Little Ice Age: Big Chill - History Channel
Spanning over 500 years and killing countless humans and animals, the Little Ice Age took over the Earth and the livelihood of all those who inhabit it. Despite its duration and magnitude, humans living through the Little Ice Age did not known much about it and some did not know that it existed. Research has been undertaken by environmental change specialists and different scientists around the world to study this natural phenomenon. The need to understand the Little Ice Age is important in being able to prepare and predict future weather patterns and their effect on society. From the frozen
New York Harbor, to icy waters in Scotland to widespread famine and disease, the Little Ice Age played a mysterious, yet large role in significant changes in weather patterns throughout many centuries.
Little Ice Age: Big Chill reveals all traits of the Little Ice Age -- its scientific properties, its natural causes, the people it affected and specific examples of areas it decimated. However, not everything from the Little Ice Age was a total disaster. Did you know that as a result of the Little Ice Age, better violins were invented and that Americans actually drink 11 times more beer than they do wine? Utilizing specific scientific evidence,
extensive research, on-location explanations, expert interviews, historical facts, and first hand accounts of triumphs and tragedies, Little Ice Age: Big Chill explorers all facets of one of the greatest scientific phenomenons in recent history.

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Could North America and parts of Europe be headed for a "big chill"?
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La Brea Tar Pits: An Urban Mystery.  Winner Bronze Telly Award 2012.
In the first two decades of the twentieth century, hundreds of thousands of fossils were excavated from the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits. Prior to that time, these pits were unknown. When Spanish settlers first arrived in the area of Los Angeles in the eighteenth century, they found a number of tar springs located in the middle of a large plain at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains. Surrounding the springs was a scattering of animal bones visibly embedded within a layer of asphalt. It was not until the mid 1870s that people began to realize the remote antiquity of these bones. Soon after exploratory excavations began in the early 1900s, scientists were finding tar pits containing large numbers of fossils.

The conventional explanation for the occurrence of these fossils is that thirsty birds and mammals, deceived by water-filled pools of tar, had blundered into these viscous traps and died in them. Although widely accepted, the entrapment theory has failed to give convincing answers to some key evidentiary questions, including the physical characteristics of tar pits, the fragmentation and chaotic intermingling of the bones, and the numerical preponderance of the carnivores. Since these issues cannot be adequately resolved by the entrapment theory. The evidence seems to be pointing toward the possibility of flooding as the agent in part for fossil deposition at the La Brea Tar Pits.

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Walking with Beasts - Land of Giants part 1
The BBC documentary walking with Beasts.

Episode Three: "Land of Giants"

25 million years ago - Late Oligocene - Mongolia

Thank you BBC!
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Excavating Proof of Bison Migration - Secrets of the Ice Age Death Trap - BBC
Check out this awesome science clip from BBC show 'Ice Age Death Trap to discover more about the habits of animals in the Ice Age, and how they all fell prey to the deadliest of prehistoric predators - the tar pit.
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Prehistoric beasts under attack - BBC
The group face another attack, and the possibility of losing yet more members.
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BBC: A Moose Named Madeline - Black Fly Attack
Richard E Grant and the BBC wildlife crew have to leave filming because of the seasonal black fly attack. Interesting video from BBC animal documentary 'A Moose Named Madeline'.

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The Gulf Stream and the Next Ice Age - Future Focus Episode 2013
~Chemtrails connected to UN 2013 Report?: http://youtu.be/fCohucT7FmQ ~credits video: Grand Angle Productions & Blue Wing Productions Ltd & 2D 3D Animations & France3 Thalassa ~Unslave Humanity Tactical Media: http://whynotnews.eu/?p=2143 ~this video is [FAIR USE] under © COPYRIGHT LAW it is: 1 noncommercial 2 trans-formative in nature 3 not competitive with the original work 4 not effecting its market negatively FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

In the battle against climate change there is no enemy to fight, just our attitudes." (Nicolas Koutsikas, Director, The Gulf Stream & the Next Ice Age)

Climate Change is hot on the political and social agenda internationally. Our climate is changing, with industrial production, habitat, transport and everyday human activities acknowledged as causes of global warming.

The Gulf Stream and the Next Ice Age is a one-hour documentary which explores the results of a recent American government report that believes the collapse of thermohaline circulation will take place around the year 2010 and impose a minor ice age on Europe. Could Dublin acquire a climate like Spitzberg, and London like that of Siberia?

The Gulf Stream is a powerful surface current, driven by the Trade Winds. Its origins lie in the Gulf of Mexico and it carries the tropical waters from the Florida Strait to the great banks of the United States, where it heads eastward, carrying its warm waters to the borders of the North Atlantic. As soon as the tropical waters hit the Arctic Ocean, they cool abruptly and plunge towards the abyssal zone to form a loop, known as "thermohaline circulation." Then, like an immense conveyor belt that slows down in the ocean depths, it sets out again southward to rejoin the beginning of the Gulf Stream.

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BBC: Jungle: Beaches in the Amazon
Take a look at some of the amazon rainforests hidden beaches, and the wildlife that calls them home! Clip taken from BBC wildlife show 'Jungle'.
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Mega Beasts: T-Rex of the Deep (HD Quality) [Part 2/5]
A Discovery Channel documentary about Mosasaurus, one of the biggest sea carnivores ever.

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Ice Age Predators - Wild New World - BBC
Fossilised Bison remains are dissected in an attempt to discover the Ice Age killer responsible for its death. Is the killer a Giant Short Faced Bear, the biggest bear that ever lived? Or perhaps an Ice Age Lion? Watch this interesting clip from BBC natural history show Wild New World to find out.
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The Long Migration - Walking with Dinosaurs - BBC
The largest air-borne dinosaur, the Ornithosaurus, is thought to have migrated thousands of miles on prehistoric Earth to reach its mating ground. Computer graphics help to study this journey in more detail.

Broadcast in 1999, Walking with Dinosaurs set out to create the most accurate portrayal of prehistoric animals ever seen on the screen. Combining fact and informed speculation with cutting-edge computer graphics and animatronics effects, the series took two years to make.
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Mountain Lions & Saber Tooth Cat - Wild New World - BBC history
Amazing footage of mountain lions and CGI images of the Saber Toothed Cat from BBC natural history show Wild New World.
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Prehistoric Beast
The Prehistoric Beast Of A TV Show That Came Out Around 2007.
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Beasts hunting - BBC
See how the primitive form of Whale may have hunted in the mangroves of the early Sahara Desert.
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Evolution of the woolly mammoth - BBC science
Scientists explain how the jungle elephant adapted to the changing world climate to become the king of the Ice Age - the Woolly Mammoth. Awesome science video from BBC
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Dire Wolf A Prehistoric Predators
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Answers of an alien from Andromeda -- video ninety-six - December 08, 2012.
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